Coral Reef Video Time Lapse 4K

Coral Reef Video in 4K! Combine thousands of macro and time-lapse photographs of slow moving corals and sponges, and the result is breathtaking 4K footage! View the building blocks of coral reefs — not typically detectable by the human eye. Using shallow depth of field, each frame of the video is a stack of 3 […]

Alligator Attacks Camera Video

Capturing an alligator close-up on video is a brave task! In this case neither the cinemtographer or the alligator were camera shy! Get up close and personal as this alligator attacks the camera! NatureFootage originally posted the alligator video for World Wetlands Day!¬†Wetlands provide habitat to many animals including this alligators. ¬†Wetlands are crucial habitat […]

Sea Otter With Exceptional Talent

This Sea Otter has exceptional talent! We gave a Sea Otter a challenge. See what he did! Help support Sea Otter conservation. Check the Box: California Sea Otter Fund You can help endangered species by making a donation to the Rare and Endangered Species Preservation Program on line 403, or to the California Sea Otter […]

Clip of the Week: Diver and Great White Shark

In this amazing video, a free-diver swims in open water with a massive great white shark. Carefully guiding the the shark’s lunging jaws with the touch of hand to snout, the diver is able to have a remarkable close-up encounter with this formidable (and possibly hungry) apex predator. Great white shark attacks on humans are […]

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