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Nature Footage: Funny Animal Videos

Throughout the natural world, humorous moments are never too far away, as on display in the new Funny Nature Clips collection from NatureFootage. Some animals have the occasional clumsy moment while others are just naturally entertaining in their daily activities. We’ve gathered a variety of funny animal video clips sure to spark some laughter. View […]

Clip of the Week: Red Fox Hunting Headfirst

A red fox (Vulpes Vulpes) runs, stalks, and pounces headfirst into the snow in pursuit of a meal – leaping and diving after prey is much quicker and more efficient than trying to dig through the snow of deep winter. View more foxes using this clever hunting technique at NatureFootage!

Volunteers race to save a entire generation of turtles from the Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Almost 70,000 eggs will be carefully dug up and relocated to beaches on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. The turtles most at risk include loggerheads, Kemp’s ridley, green, and leatherback sea turtles. Many scientists agree that if the eggs are not moved, a generation of turtles could die. Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman, Bonnie Strawser said, “We believe […]

Studies show whales are capable of culture, self awareness, and human-like suffering

These sentient findings could bring a new debate to the table at International Whaling Commission meetings. For more about this story, go to: To see video of whales in all their glory, go to:

Sharks smell in stereo

The mystery of why sharks can smell a drop of blood a quarter mile away has been solved. Research shows shark noses use ‘smell stereo’ to detect tiny half-second delays in the time that odors take to reach each nostril. This time lag makes it possible for sharks to hone in on their prey by […]

Extinction now threatens over 60% of the world’s penguins

Many factors have helped put 60% of the world’s 18 species of penguin on the endangered species list. Climate change and habitat destruction are some of the significant threats, but the biggest threat to penguin survival is industrialized fishing. To learn more, go to: To see penguin videos, go to: