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Adventure Footage: Travel HD Video

Get Away With The New Travel HD Collection! Travel around the world in our extensive Travel Footage collection. AdventureFootage presents stunning locations and aerial HD stock footage of vacation and adventure travel destinations. Explore urban locales with postcard perfect video clips of old-world European cities and emerging Asian hotspots. Enjoy the relaxing, vast horizons in […]

Ocean Footage: 10,000 New Royalty Free Clips

Announcing the addition of over 10,000 new Royalty Free Ocean stock footage clips, OceanFootage now provides a wide range of affordable stock video options for productions large and small. From scenic tropical beaches to the predatory circling of hungry sharks, the newly expanded Royalty Free Ocean collection covers all aspects of undersea life and ocean […]

Footage Search Announces 10,000 New Royalty Free Clips Now Available To License From the OceanFootage Stock Footage Collection

Stock footage leader, Footage Search, announced the expansion of their Royalty Free offerings available from the OceanFootage website. The Royalty Free stock footage collection now includes over 10,000 high definition and standard definition video clips of diverse marine and underwater subjects. All Royalty Free video clips are available to license online for immediate download. Monterey, […]

Footage Search Announces The New Lock-Shot Collection Exclusively Available at NatureFootage

Footage Search announces the release of the new Lock-Shot collection through the stock footage portal, NatureFootage. Highlighting a spectacular range of subjects, this new collection delivers premium lock-shot stock footage for use in video productions of all types. Monterey, CA. (Vocus/PRWEB ) August 3, 2011 — Footage Search announces the release of the new Lock-Shot […]

Vivid Precision In The New Lock-Shot Collection

Some images carry an extra degree of impact as the action unfolds in front of a stationary camera perspective, highlighted in the new Lock-Shot Collection from NatureFootage. From the subtle movements of an animal barely seen as it blends into it’s surroundings, to the dramatic splash of salmon leaping upstream in detailed slow-motion, a lock-shot […]

Adventure Footage: Water Sports HD

Now that summer is in full-swing, it’s time to cool off! The Water Sports HD stock footage collection contains a sea of inventive ways to have fun. Just add water to an exploitation of human curiosity and technological innovation, and the result is a huge range of human-powered and motorized water sports activities. Boating adventures […]

Ocean Footage: Big Fish

View their power, plight, and impact beneath the waves in the new Big Fish stock footage collection now available at OceanFootage. From the amazing speed of Bluefin tuna and the grace of Marlin as they feed in the open ocean, to the sharp teeth of the Barracuda, many of these remarkable species are dramatically impacted […]

Nature Footage: Connecting with Nature

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”–William Shakespeare There is magic to be experienced in nature, and in the new Connecting With Nature collection we bear witness to humanities reverence for nature across the globe. From the simplest connection with nature so crucial to human survival such as access to clean water, food, […]

Orca Collection now available at OceanFootage

Experience the wild Orca in the new Orca Collection now available at OceanFootage. From Arctic to Antarctic seas, Orcas are the largest of the highly intelligent oceanic dolphin family, known to hone their predation techniques and vocalizations to best suit their particular environments. From their strategic maneuvering among the icebergs of Antarctica, to dramatic breach […]

Footage Search Announces the New Aerial Sports HD Collection Exclusively Available at AdventureFootage

”Who says humans weren’t meant to fly?” commented CEO Dan Baron. “The new Aerial Sports HD stock footage category is sure to make the thrill seeker within you want to fly!” Monterey, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) February 24, 2011 Footage Search announces the release of the new Aerial Sports HD collection through the new stock footage portal, […]