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Alejandro Berger


He is 34 years old and has 15 years of worldwide traveling experience. Alejandro is one of the best water cinematographers in the world and has a unique artistic eye for lifestyle images.From his shooting and editing, to the logistical knowledge and legitimate surf style he creats, Alejandro makes every production a true work of art.

Introducing Alejandro Berger's travels to the edge, a great source of stock footage.

Worldwide stunning high quality movie images, lifestyles, portraits, scenics, ceremonies, dances, rituals, nature and animals.

Ocean images, exotic islands, beautiful beaches, empty waves.

Any surfer you need, from 8x time world champ Kelly Slater to big wave charger Greg Long and legendary talent Tom Curren.

Hawaii, Tahiti, Indonesia, Southafrica, Mexico, Chile, Morrocco, France, Spain, China, Egipt and many more images destinations available.

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