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Anita Gilden


Anita and her husband Andre, are based in the Netherlands.
Their passion is nature and with special interest in remote areas and wildlife.
Photographing since childhood and since 2005 working as videographer, photographer and writer about the natural history.
Images and articles are found in magazines. Footage can be seen in various TV programs.

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(Ovis canadensis Acinonyx jubatus Acinonyx jubatus raineyii Adélie Penguin Aepyceros melampus African Elephant African Lion Agama Alces alces Alpine Alps American Bison Antelope Antilocapra americana Anubis baboon Aptenodytes patagonicus Aquatic Plant Arctic Armeria maritima Atlantic Puffin Aurora Borealis Baboon Balearica regulorum Bengal tiger Bighorn sheep Bison Bison bison Blizzard Blue Wildebeest Branch Buffalo Burchell's zebra Canis latrans Canis lupus Car Ceratotherium simum Cervus canadensis Cervus unicolor Cheetah Cliff Clouds Coastline Common Crane Common Merganser Common Pheasant Common Wildebeest Coniferous forest Connochaetes taurinus Cow Coyote Crab Crocodylus niloticus Crocuta crocuta Crustacean Cub Cubs Cygnus olor Damaliscus korrigum Damaliscus lunatus jimela Dutch Cow Egret Elephant seal Elk Endangerd Species Endangered Specie Equus quagga Eurasian lynx European wolf Expedition Felis silvestris Fern Fishing Fly Fish Forest Fratercula arctica Fulmarus glacialis Funghi Gannet Geological Geothermal Geyser Giraffa camelopardalis Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi Giraffe Gnu Gorilla beringei beringei Grant's zebra Gray Wolf Great white pelican Greater Flamingo Grey Crowned Crane Grey wolf Griffon Vulture Grizzly Bear Grus grus Gyps Fulvus Haliaeetus albicilla Hamerkop Hanuman langur Herbivore