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based in Berlin / Germany

We are specialized in creating nature and wildlife footage with multicopters from the air, on land and underwater.  Amazing locations, amazing shots!

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Lizard Accipitridae Acinonyx Aerial African buffalo African bush elephant African elephant Agriculture Aircraft Airplane Altitude Animals Ardea alba Arizona Asia Astronomy Atmosphere Atomic Attack Balaenidae Balaenoptera Balaenoptera borealis Balaenoptera musculus Balaenoptera physalus Balaenopteridae Beach Bearded vulture Berlin Big Island Bird Birma Blue Blue whale Boat Bode Bomb Bosque Petrificado Bovidae Bravo Bridge Britain Buddhism Buddhist Bulls Burma Candles Capra walie Ceratotherium simum Cercopithecinae Chameleon Ciconiidae Ciconiiformes Cloud Clouds Cold War Colobus guereza Colony Colorado Colors Column Contamination Cormorant Dasypodidae Dasypus Dawn Delphinidae Delphinus Desert Desert View Devastation Diceros bicornis animal apex armadillo baboon baboons baleen whale baleen whales ballena beautiful big cats black rhino bleeding-heart monkey blood boats border bottlenose dolphin bull cachalot castle cenozoic era cetaceans cheetah cliff coast common dolphin common dolphins corpse dangerous