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Rainer is specialized in Marine LogisticsĀ  South Africa.
Filming of Wildlife on land and sea, Orcas,
Sardine Run, Sharks, Squid, Whale diving and drone filming

Expert-Tours -Production vehicles and boats (semi ridgets) dive equipment and underwater housings as well as camera equipment are available inĀ  4K quality.

ORCAS hunting for Common Dolphins, Seals and Brydeswhales during the Sardine Run, South Africa have been documented.

Squid diving,
Spermwhales, Brydeswhales, Southern Right Whales, Humpbackwhales, Finwhales.

The complete organizing of different productions have been successfully handled to full satisfaction of Michael AW, Galatee, Blue Planet, Germany; Pape TV; Gedeon, France and ARTE Germany.

DIVE Expert-Tours CC
Expert-Tours, Production
Marine Logistics
Rainer Schimpf

Tel. 0027 (0) 41 581 2486 SA
Cell. 0027 (0) 721 420 420 SA
Tel.0049 (0)152 34086987 Germany

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