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Started a s a wildlife and submarine photographer, switching later to video, both on land and sea. Moved to Australia in 2010. Dosens of videos, documentaries, DVDs, footage, microprograms on Wildlife, Travel, Adventure. Now doing 4K Time Lapse and 4K Video.

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front and back joy in pouch then two more zoom back Australia Cape fur seal Joy in mother's pouch a 3rd alone a juvenile arrives arranging fibers a juvenile tries to posess the bower a third arrives after birth all four graze another adult comes and puts a straw nearby another passes by arguing at the end arrange eggs and sits arranges bower arranges nest and sits arranging bow and area around arranging fibers arranging jewels arranging stuff arrive consecutively other three back back lighted back reflections backlighted backwards backwards on a tree trunk bird (Willie Wagtail) on it bird follows him and jumps on bird jumping around (Willie Wagtail) bird on it both grazing breeding plumage brings a blue feather calls captures and other two come to steal cascade falling into the cave cave chased chased by another chases passes by cleans the nest cleans the nest and leaves close close (SE QLD) close up closer communicates with the chick crosses another individual displaying displaying behavior dives diving dominant is feeding early night after sunset enters the pouch exchange calls feeding feeding and fed by adult feeding chick on nest on hole in a Gumtree feeds feeds and sits female arrives female arrives female arrives calling female arrives to nest female talks with male nearby fight flee flees focus on one four of them front and back gets into the pouch when another wallaby gets nearby gives call to male she is leaving and she flees going to sleep the day graze grazing and preening he sleeps hops away in the end he flees and she too in the end he flees and she too (Darling Downs QLS) inspects and leaves is chased out by the owner joy in pouch joy out joy retreats in pouch joy suckling jumps to ground late afternoon leaves hopping in slowmo licking each other light filling in loaded pouch log makes calls male displays and when tries to mate she flees
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