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I'm a Swiss underwater videographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. I do underwater video productions of any kind, but mainly promotional and educational films. I also provide underwater stock footage for all kinds of uses.Filming, especially underwater, is second nature to me and that shows in the quality of my footage.I'm using the state of the art Sony FDR-AX100 4K camera in a Gates AX100 housing and lights from Light & Motion and TillyTec. This fantastic little setup is very versatile and enables me to shoot any kind of underwater footage in amazing 4K quality.I've been scuba diving since 2004, photographing and filming underwater since 2009. I'm a PADI MSDT Instructor and qualified technical and solo diver with more than 2000 logged dives.

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Coral reef Island Prawn Goby diver diving resort symbiosis Acanthuridae Aeoliscus strigatus Aerial Ambassidae Amphiprion percula Amphiprion perideraion Amphiprioninae Anemonefish Anemonfish Antennariidae Antennarius commerson Anthias Apogonidae Archerfish Arothron nigropunctatus Arrow Crab Aulostomus maculatus Bali Banded sea krait Banded sea snake Bangibanti seahorse Banka Barracuda Batfish Bay Beach Big eye squirrelfish Bigeye Trevally Birgus latro Black Spotted Whipray Blackspottet puffer Blicktip reef shark Blue-Spotted Stingray Bluecheek butterflyfish Bluering octopus Bluespotted stingray Boat Bolbometopon muricatum Bottlenose dolphin Bungalow Bungalows Butterflyfish Caprellidae Carangidae Carcharhinus longimanus Cardinal fish Carpet Cave Cenote Cenotes Centriscidae Cephalopoda Chaetodon semilarvatus Chocolate hills Chromodoris Clownfish Coastline Coconut crab Conshelf 2 Coral Coral Hind Coral Reef Coral block Crab Crayfish Crocodile fish Crocodilefish Crustaceans Cuttlefish Cuttlefish egg Cymbacephalus beauforti Damsel fish De Beaufort's flathead Decorator Crab Devil Devil scorpionfish Dive Resort Dive boat Diving Dog Faced Pufferfish Dolphins Echinoderm Egg Electric clam anemone fish annulated sea snake camouflage coconut common bottlenose dolphin coral bommie diver dog-faced puffer each
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