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Robert Hofmeyr


Based in South Africa, I mostly shoot Southern African wildlife on a Red Weapon 6K camera.

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Bird of Prey Grassland Landscape Raptor Waterhole Wetland Acinonyx jubatus Actophilornis africanus Aepyceros melampus African African Bush Elephant African Bush Elephant  African Elephant African Jacana African Lion African Pied Wagtail African Wild Dog African buffalo African fish eagle African helmeted turtle African honey bee African wildcat Anas erythrorhyncha Antelope Antidorcas marsupialis Apex Apis mellifera scutellata Aquatic Plant Aquila rapax Aquila verreauxii Ardea alba Ardeola ralloides Ardeotis kori Baby Balearica regulorum Bambi Barn Swallow Beak Bee Bee-eater Beetle Bengal Big Big 5 Big cat Big five Bill Bird Bird of prey Black Black Crake Black Rhinoceros Black Sunbird Black maned Black-Backed Jackal Black-Faced Impala Black-backed Black-maned Blacksmith Lapwing Blacksmith Plover Blue Blue waxbill Blue wildebeest Body Bostrychia hagedash Bridled Brown-hooded Brownhooded Bubo africanus Buck Buffalo Buphagus erythrorhynchus Burchell's Coucal Burchell's Zebra Burchells Sandgrouse Burchell’s zebra Burhinus vermiculatus Bush pig Bushbuck Bushpig Bustard Calf Campethera abingoni Canary Canine Canis mesomelas Cape Cape Buffalo Cape Glossy Starling Cape Weaver Cape White-Eye Cape wagtail Capped Wheatear Caracal Caracal caracal Carcass Carnivore Cat Cattle Ceratotherium simum