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Robert Yin is a professional underwater photographer. His vocation began as a hobby in 1959, when he was living in the Philippines. Robert has been published extensively in books and magazines. His recent 35 books publications include:

1. “Beneath Philippine Seas,” published by Bookmark, Inc. 1998. A coffee table book, 136 Pages.

2. “Underwater Encounters”, Hameray Publishing Group, USA, 2009. A series of 10 books, 50 pages, titles: “Clever Crustaceans”, “Creepy Sea Creatures”, “Fish, Not Fish”, “Fish Trick”, “Hide and Sneak”, “Ocean Oddities”, “Scuba School”, “Sea Turtles”, “Spines, Stingers, and Teeth”, and “Treacherous Tentacles”.

3. “Marine Life for Young Readers,” Dominie Press, Inc. 1998. A series of 24 books 28 pages. Titles: “Coral”, Starfish & Urchins”, “Fish”, “Crab, Shrimp & Lobster”, “Sharks & Rays”, “Seashells”, “Sea Turtles”, “Monsters of the Deep”, Butterflies of the Sea”, Fish That Hide”, “Exotic Tropical Fish”, “Octopus Squid & Cuttlefish”, “Seahorses and Pipefish”, “Eels”, “Jellyfish”, “Seals and Sea Lions”, “Fish and Their Babies”, Clams, Oysters, and Scallops”, “Schools of Fish”, “ Scuba Divers”, “Kelp Forests”, “More Sharks”, Sea Snakes”.

Currently, Robert dives 4-5 months a year, mostly in the tropical Pacific. Years of diving experience have convinced Robert of the extreme fragility of the coral reefs, and of the urgent need to protect them. In the early 60's, the widespread belief of fishermen was that the resources of the sea were inexhaustible. Years of fishing with that mentality has proven them wrong. Today, it is clear to all that the fishing grounds have been depleted. And still, ecologically unsound fishing practices continue -- in particular, the practice of dynamite fishing on the reefs in disregard of, or in ignorance of, the fact that coral reefs are the nurseries for future fish populations. Although Robert feels it may be too late to save many of the reefs, he urges all of us to join him in promoting global marine conservation efforts.

Recent magazine publications include:
Invertum, (Russia), Portfolio, December, 2010.
Espacio Profondo, (Mexico), December 2010.
Prodiver (China), Nov-Dec. 2009, “Portfolio” & DEMA
Mabuhay, (Philippines Airlines), October 2010, “Undersea Monsters”.
Skyward (Japan Airlines), August 2009, “Cortez”
Alert Diver, May-June 2009, “California…”
Action Asia, March 2009, “Whale Sharks”
Alert Diver, Jan-Feb 2009, “Cocos Island”

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