Shot From Above Grey Reef Sharks Swim Among A Large School Of Bigeye Trevally Hovering Over A Sandy Bottom.


22 sec

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DescriptionShot From Above Grey Reef Sharks Swim Among A Large School Of Bigeye Trevally Hovering Over A Sandy Bottom.
Source FormatHDV, HD (1440x1080), 25 FPS Interlaced
The Shot Exits Frame Enters Frame High Angle Reveal Travel Wide Shot Track
Subject Fish Animal Juvenile Single Group-Small Group-Large sandy bottoms pal new life marine life life hdv 1080i50 hdv enviroment habitat eco-system coral reefs coral bays 16:9' widescreen 16:9 16 viviparous. anal fin caudal fin round eyes moderately stout body streamlined bigeye jack great trevally six-banded trevally dusky jack tropical waters tropical fish requiem shark indo-pacific shallow water drop offs dorsal fin inshore fish large schools slow moving schools schooling crustacean dominated diet jacks compressed body oblong body pelvic fin subtropical waters schooling species diuranl hunters fast swimming predatory species agile predators dominant species threat display black-vee whaler bronze whaler fowler's whaler shark graceful shark graceful whaler shark grey shark grey whaler shark longnose blacktail shark school shark shortnose blacktail shark shortnose blacktail amblyrhinchos amblyrhynchus carcharhinus amblyrhynchos caranx sexfasciatus Yellow Red Pink Orange Magenta Green Brown Silver Grey Blue Black White Purple Uniform Texture Symmetrical Stripe Spot Irregular Colorful Color Change Camouflage
Action Scuba Diving Diving Padi Divers Humans Scuba Divers Divers Team Protective Behaviour Group Behaviour Interaction Schooling Swimming Feed Travel Hide Flee Rest Hunt Groom Display
Environment Summer Day Underwater Marine Sanctuary Coral Reef Tropical Sand South Pacific Ocean Oceania Micronesia Palau Palau