A Huge School Of Fusiliers Feeding On Plankton In Shallow Water.


12 sec

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DescriptionA Huge School Of Fusiliers Feeding On Plankton In Shallow Water.
Source FormatHDV, HD (1440x1080), 25 FPS Interlaced
The Shot track reveal travel low angle wide shot pan exits frame
Subject single pair group-large group-small animal fish juvenile fish environmental impact animal anal fin dorsal fin pelvic fin caudal fin game fish pal new life marine life life hdv 1080i50 hdv enviroment habitat eco-system 16:9' widescreen 16 subtropical waters drop offs indo-pacific tropical fish tropical waters 16:9 coral reef habitat fusiliers solitary fish abundant species sexual dimorphism black ulua white ulua giant ulua goyan fish forsskål's indo-pacific jack fish yellowfin jack barrier trevally lowly trevally circumtropical distribution atlantic crevalle jack ambush prey stealing prey individually hunting powerful apex predator largest fish large fish big fish huge fish strong tail scutes steep head giant trevally giant kingfish ulua gt jack family carangidae family forsskÃ¥l\'s indo-pacific jack fish carangus hippoides caranx ignobilis caranx hippos caranx lessonii caranx ekala black blue white silver grey purple red yellow brown green magenta orange pink uniform texture stripe symmetrical asymmetrical spot camouflage color change colorful irregular
Action action the best top flying performing showing off awesome beautiful incredible group behaviour dramatic unique rare gliding exciting eating feeding prey schooling mass large numbers big group together team work security food searching rest feed groom flee hide travel parent display hunt beautif
Environment day summer underwater tropical sand coral reef marine sanctuary palau micronesia oceania german channel south pacific ocean Palau