Leopard Seal (Hydrurga Leptonyx) On Ice Floe. Antarctic Peninsula


8 sec

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DescriptionLeopard Seal (Hydrurga Leptonyx) On Ice Floe. Antarctic Peninsula
Source FormatHDV, HD (1920x1080), 23.98 FPS Progressive
The Shot Close Up Track
Subject Animal Mammal Single leopard seal wild wildlife water wild-life wild life wild animals wild animal upclose up-close up close to sleep to float true seals true seal surface south pole south snow sleep sleeping sea creature sea creatures sea animal sea animals animal group animalia animal age animals antarctic antarctic peninsula above water adult animal adult animals adult animal theme animal themes antarctica antarctis asleep color images color color image colour colour image colour images circumpolar close ups close close up close-up close-ups closing eyes day days earless seal earless seals eyes closed free frozen water float floating freezing water front view frontal front fully grown habitat habitats head on hydruga leptonyx hydrurga leptonyx horizontal horizontals ice ice floes ice floe in the wild landscapes landscape mammalia mammals marine animal marine animals mature natural phenomena natural phenomenon natural worlds natural world nature natural environment natural environments natural habitat natural habitats naturally one animal outdoors outside over water phocidae phocid place of interest peninsula peninsulas pinnipedia pinnipeds pinniped relaxed relax relaxing resting rest seal seals site of interest sites of interest Leisure
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Environment Day Topside Ice Antarctica Antarctic Peninsula