Great Skua (Stercorarius Antarctica) Next To Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis Adeliae) On Rocks. Antarctic Peninsula


18 sec

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DescriptionGreat Skua (Stercorarius Antarctica) Next To Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis Adeliae) On Rocks. Antarctic Peninsula
Source FormatHDV, HD (1920x1080), 23.98 FPS Progressive
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Subject Bird Animal Group-Small adelie penguin great skua interspecies interaction wild wildlife watch watching wild-life wild life wild animals wild animal two two animals to watch to see to look stones stone south pole south side views side view seeing see seabirds seabird sea birds sea bird 2 adälie penguins animalia animal age animal group animals antarctic adult animal adult animals adult animal theme animal themes antarctic peninsula antarctica antarctis brown skua brown skuas birds catharacta antarctica color color image color images colour image colour images colour circumpolar day days free flapped flapping flapping wing flapping wings flaps flen from the side full length fully grown habitat habitats horizontal horizontals in the wild king george isle landscape look looking mature natural phenomena natural phenomenon natural world natural worlds nature natural environment natural environments natural habitat natural habitats naturally outdoors outside penguin place of interest pygoscelis adeliae pair penguins rock rocks rocky site of interest sites of interest south shetland south shetland islands spheniscidae sphenisciformes stercorarius antarctica
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Environment Day Topside Ice Antarctica Antarctic Peninsula King George Island