Ocean Footage: World Oceans Day

“Ocean Acidification is destined to be one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced.” – Dr J.E.N. (‘Charlie’) Veron, World Renowned Reef Scientist and Photographer

World Oceans Day is an opportunity for global citizens to reflect upon, experience, and learn about the oceans around the world. The oceans are known for their extraordinary diversity and immense power. However, oceans are also ecosystems of great fragility, especially Coral Reefs. Recently of large concern to marine scientists, educators, and filmmakers, is the stark reality that the oceans are currently under one of the greatest threats ever: Ocean Acidification.

Ocean Acidification is not a peripheral climate issue, it is the other CO2 challenge. Leading marine scientists are now warning us that our current rate of carbon emission is making our oceans more acidic. This change is happening so rapidly that it poses a serious threat to biodiversity and marine life.

Some research shows that if left unchecked, Ocean Acidification could destroy all coral reefs by as early as 2050. This destruction has the potential to disrupt other oceanic ecosystems, fisheries, habitats, and even entire food chains.

Learn more about Ocean Acidification and what you can do to get involved with this issue.

View the Coral Reef and Ocean Acidification Collection to witness the beauty and vulnerability of this very fragile ecosystem.

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