New Simplified Rates Available At NatureFootage

NatureFootage New Media Pricing

At NatureFootage we strive to keep all of our clients satisfied, both buyers and contributors. In today’s competitive stock footage marketplace, this has become a greater challenge. With a glut of media resources, buyers have more options than ever—and at much lower price points. As a premium source for quality content, we work hard to meet the needs of diverse budgets, while also protecting the value of content.

We’ve been monitoring the changes in the industry closely and have put our brain power together to develop a solution to a pressing challenge: is it possible to provide our curated footage at competitive rates, without reducing the overall value of the content for highly visible productions? We’ve created a solution where quality media can stay Rights Managed, yet still compete with the pricing of Royalty Free clips.

New License for New Media

We’ve simplified our Rights Managed use categories for today’s media makers. NatureFootage now offers four simple Rights Managed license categories to serve our clients better. We also offer Royalty Free license options and a Premium Collection for truly unique and rare content. The new Rights Managed categories are: Advertising, Cinema, Television, and New Media. We now offer a New Media license that can be broken down into 4 sub-categories: Single Use, Single Use With Monetization, Multiple Use, and Multiple Use with Monetization. What’s the difference between them?

It’s based on the amount of visibility. Does your project need distribution on a single domain, or do you really need to place the production on YouTube? Maybe you really want to maximize social media and pay-per-view by monetizing the production on iTunes? In a nutshell, we’ve simplified pricing to support the evolving methods of New Media distribution.

Aggressive Pricing for Innovative Distribution

A contributor can adjust their pricing level within 4 categories: Budget, Standard, Premium, or Exclusive, and pricing will ultimately depend on your planned distribution. This offers a great variety of affordable price points starting at $60 for Single Use*. Here is a breakdown of the different sub-categories:

Single Use | World | 1 Year or Perpetuity
A single project that will be used on one distribution medium (including academic presentations, corporate meetings or events, tradeshows, corporate websites, home display). Social media excluded.

Single Use | Monetization | World | Perpetuity
Display within a single production (single version) in one of the following distribution media intended for monetization: iTunes Pay Per View, Subscription, Products for Resale, and Pay for Admittance Institutions and Events. Social media excluded.

Multiple Use | World | Perpetuity
This license includes Display within a single production (single version) in any of the following distribution media: internet (including social media), digital signage, academic presentation, corporate meeting or event, home computer display, internal use, DVDs (not for resale), trade show, or religious institution.

Multiple Use | Monetization | World | Perpetuity
Display within a single production (single version) in multiple distribution media intended for monetization.

*Prices do not include lab fees for access to tape masters, color correction, or frame rate conversions.
New Media Excludes: Advertising, Cinema, and Television.

Find Your Price Using Our Easy Calculator

Want to know how much that perfect clip you’ve picked out will cost for your project? It’s easy! Just click on the play button underneath any thumbnail to bring up the detail view for any particular clip. There you will be able to enter the details regarding your usage and get an exact quote for what the license fee will be. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions that you have.

NatureFootage Pricing Calculator

New Media: Already Popular!

We’ve seen a great response with an increase in online orders in just the few weeks since launching this new pricing. There is huge demand for using media in new channels and innovative applications. By implementing these simplified pricing categories at NatureFootage, we’ve increased satisfaction of our clients by moving more footage!

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