Historic Underwater Video of the RMS Titanic

This striking stock footage collection of the Titanic shipwreck is the original footage as captured by the legendary Al Giddings in a series of 11 dramatic dives to the ocean floor. Faced with the challenge of capturing images 12,460 feet below the surface of the North Atlantic, Al Giddings and his team spent 6 hours in the water column on each dive, enduring a 3 hour descent into 28.5 F waters at maximum depth, and the 3 hour return to the surface. With approximately 350 total hours of Titanic dive time over the course of several expeditions, Al Giddings and his team were the first to successfully capture these haunting video images of the undisturbed titanic shipwreck and titanic artifacts. While the site has since been stripped of many of the most interesting and valuable artifacts, the deep-water wreck continues to attract filmmakers and historical enthusiasts.

This April 2012 the world will honor the 100 Year Anniversary of the Titanic voyage. This eerily unforgettable video footage of the Titanic’s final resting place continues to mark one of the most historic and ambitious achievements in underwater cinematography.  View more of this rare video content at OceanFootage.

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