Announcing 100+ Hours of New Ocean Footage Content, HD and 4K Video Clips

Stock footage leader, Footage Search, announced the expansion of their underwater and oceanic stock video content. The OceanFootage stock footage collection, which represents over 300 leading cinematographers worldwide, has recent submissions to the online portal of over 100 new hours of high definition content from award-winning cinematographers.

Monterey, CA June 4, 2012 — Footage Search, Inc., the stock footage leader of the highly successful OceanFootage collection, has announced the addition of over 100 new hours of underwater video and oceanic stock footage clips. With decades of experience shooting marine-related environmental films, these cinematographers have captured a wide range of oceanic subjects throughout the globe, from whales, dolphin, and coral reef environments to divers, industry, and pollution in fragile ecosystems.

Footage Search founder Dan Baron commented on the expanded collection, “The Ocean Footage stock video library has from the beginning been a comprehensive resource for high-quality oceanic and underwater stock footage clips. The addition of so many new subjects in a range of options, from HD to 4K, filmed by expert cinematographers, allows the Ocean Footage collection to be of even greater value to video and film productions of all types.”

Contributing cinematographers include the Academy Award winning director of The Cove, Louie Psihoyos and his Oceanic Preservation Society, providing content ranging from beautiful freediving footage and coral reef environments, to raw footage of dolphin hunting activities in Japan.

Emmy Award winning documentary cinematographer Didier Noirot’s footage includes remarkable close-up HD sequences of humpback whales, sharks, dolphins, and vibrant coral reefs teeming with fish. Didier Noirot specializes in capturing emotive sequences of intimate animal behavior. Didier was Jacques Cousteau’s cameraman for more than 10 years. Didier has contributed to numerous famous series like Blue Planet, Earth, Life, and the Frozen Planet. He was the main DOP on Oceans (Disney Nature). Recently he shot the underwater scenes for “Into the Dragon’s Lair”.

Emmy Award winning and deep sea cinematographer Howard Hall brings stunning new 4K Red One stock footage to the OceanFootage collection, with rarely seen whale and big fish behaviors in the open ocean, and new 4K stock video of underwater reef environments from around the world.

This OceanFootage collection covers the seas of the globe, with the new HD submissions providing a comprehensive view of the underwater species, ocean ecosystems, marine industry, and environmental impacts. The most remarkable highlights recently caught on camera includes 4K footage of the gigantic Blue Whale feeding on plankton, underwater walrus and narwhal behavior, underwater geological sites in Iceland, the wildlife of glacial environments, underwater time lapse video of sea stars, and dramatic examples of coral bleaching. This collection also includes an extensive documentation the seas of Alaska and the fishing industry, with stock footage clips providing a point-of-view perspective from aboard the fishing boats of the Arctic seas.

Additional contributors include John Anderson, Jonathan Bird, Florian Graner, Nick Hope, Bradley Ireland Productions, Adam Ravetch, David Rice, and John Whittier.

About Footage Search, Inc.
Footage Search Inc., founded in 2002, is the leader in nature and wildlife stock footage, supplying premium content to production houses worldwide through the OceanFootage, NatureFootage, and AdventureFootage and 3DFootage web sites.

OceanFootage is the largest online collection of ocean stock footage in the world. NatureFootage is a comprehensive natural history collection of wildlife, habitats and environmental issues impacting the natural world. AdventureFootage is the ultimate source for premium High Definition stock footage of outdoor adventure, athletic endeavors, extreme sports, travel and more. 3Dfootage specializes in premium 3D stock footage, using state of the art 3D stereoscopic technology, every scene is shot with cinematic artistry to create dynamic real-to-life visuals. Together Footage Search represents over 300 leading cinematographers worldwide. Footage Search is also a leading innovator in media management and distribution technology design and implementation. Footage Search offers stock footage suppliers custom-branded stock footage web sites with the online technology for stock footage asset management, research and licensing.

For more information about Footage Search and the OceanFootage, NatureFootage, AdventureFootage or 3DFootage collections, images, interviews, or additional background information, please contact Donna Kaufman at 1-831-375-2313.

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