Active Shot Requests as of October 19, 2016

We are seeking footage of the species listed below. The clients would prefer the highest quality media, resolution noted in parentheses. Please contact us for specific behaviors or shot types if you have any footage of the subjects listed below. PROJECT: Television Series (2K+) TIGERS in India TIBETAN WILDLIFE TIBETAN ANTELOPE and GAZELLE WILD YAK […]

Orca / Killer Whale footage in 4K

Amazing Orca Footage! NatureFootage has sourced a wide range of Orca whale footage, offering the best quality 4K video and an incredible selection of unique Orca whale behavior. From aerial to underwater footage, this rare Orca whale footage is sure to engage!

ZatzWorks Aerial Ultra HD 4K 6K Footage

Amazing Alaska Aerials in 4K and 6K NatureFootage contributor ZatzWorks is now shooting RED 4K and 6K aerials throughout Alaska. ZatzWorks has developed the world’s only FAA and EASA approved Cineflex camera mount for the R66 helicopter. This highly efficient Cineflex rig, combined with 25 years of filming expertise in Alaska, creates an exceptional variety […]

Polar Bear Facts

This weekend we celebrate International Polar Bear Day! Get to know the facts about Polar Bears and what you can do to help them!Credit:NatureFootage contributor: ZatzWorksIn collaboration with Wild LifePosted by NatureFootage on Friday, February 26, 2016

Blue Whale Video

Imagine having the opportunity to film a Blue Whale, the largest animal ever known to have lived. The blue whale can reach almost 100 feet and is estimated to weigh over 90 tonnes. In this rare video view the blue whale feeding in a large school of krill. An adult blue whale can eat up […]

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