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Perspectives on Palau

Dream destinations look great from a distance, certainly aerial shots from aircraft or drones with tropical turquoise waters and deserted islands nestled within an atoll tick many boxes in a location scout’s list of desirables. Kayangel Atoll in the north of Palau is one such place and it does look spectacular. The first time I […]

Sea Otter With Exceptional Talent

This Sea Otter has exceptional talent! We gave a Sea Otter a challenge. See what he did! Help support Sea Otter conservation. Check the Box: California Sea Otter Fund You can help endangered species by making a donation to the Rare and Endangered Species Preservation Program on line 403, or to the California Sea Otter […]

OceanFootage: NRDC Peace Paddle Video

Several NatureFootage clips make an appearance in this Peace Paddle video from the NRDC, illustrating how actions speak louder than words: hundreds join to show their support for the oceans. Show your support by asking President Obama to represent our oceans’ needs at Rio+20 NatureFootage frequently works with conservation and environmental organizations, providing effective imagery […]

California Senate considering Shark Fin ban

With Shark populations on the decline around the world, bill AB 376 currently under consideration by the California Senate is important legislation aimed at banning the possession and sale of shark fins. This does impact a cultural tradition, but support for this bill reflects a broader understanding of the collective value in protecting balanced ecosystems […]

Nature Footage: National Forests and Arbor Day

The comprehensive collection available through NatureFootage is a valued source for promoting products, campaigns, and sustainable brands. Recently, the Arbor Day Foundation sourced compelling video content from NatureFootage to promote its mission to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. As viewed in the Replanting Our National Forests campaign, the forests are ours to enjoy, to renew […]

Ocean Footage: World Oceans Day

“Ocean Acidification is destined to be one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced.” – Dr J.E.N. (‘Charlie’) Veron, World Renowned Reef Scientist and Photographer World Oceans Day is an opportunity for global citizens to reflect upon, experience, and learn about the oceans around the world. The oceans are known for their extraordinary diversity […]

East African chimpanzees now have a 10-year plan

Fifty thousand chimps stand to gain protection from illegal hunting, habitat loss, disease, and pet trafficking due to a 10 year action plan being developed by nations in East and Central Africa. For more go to: To see video of one of man’s closest relatives, go to: //