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Congratulations to Hawaii for stepping up to outlaw shark finning

Hawaii becomes the first state (hopefully, the first of 50) to officially outlaw the possession of shark fins. 32% of open ocean shark species are in danger of extinction due to overfishing of sharks, primarily for the delicacy, “shark fin soup”. To read the entire story, go to:,8599,1992876,00.html To see videos that should inspire […]

Norway to provide Indonesia with $1 billion to protect rainforests

Norway will provide up to $1 billion to Indonesia to help reduce deforestation and forest degradation, reports The Jakarta Post. The agreement comes two years after Norway pledged $1 billion to Brazil for reducing Amazon deforestation. Norway has also committed funds to Guyana, Tanzania, and six Congo Basin countries under its International Climate and Forest […]

Senate Gets a Climate and Energy Bill, Modified by a Gulf Spill That Still Grows

The bill’s overall goal is to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 17 percent (compared with 2005 levels) by 2020, and by 83 percent by 2050. The targets match those in a House bill passed last year and in the Obama administrations announced policy goal. The sponsors rewrote the section on offshore oil drilling in recent days […]