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Orca and Dog Close Encounter

Lucky dog! This dog has a close encounter with a pod of Orcas and it was captured in this amazing video!  See what happens at the end!  The Killer Whales are swimming parallel to the cinematographers boat. The whales are obviously curious. The researcher on board had and has all necessary permits. The researcher on board […]

Alligator Attacks Camera Video

Capturing an alligator close-up on video is a brave task! In this case neither the cinemtographer or the alligator were camera shy! Get up close and personal as this alligator attacks the camera! NatureFootage originally posted the alligator video for World Wetlands Day! Wetlands provide habitat to many animals including this alligators.  Wetlands are crucial habitat […]

Visa Checkout – Surfing Video From NatureFootage

An advertising client came to NatureFootage in search of footage for the Visa Checkout Advertisement. They needed fully cleared footage of dangerous big wave surfing from Teahupoo, Tahiti. A recent submission from contributor Greg Huglin included the perfect clip of wipe-out footage in 5K. NatureFootage provides hands on customer service to fulfill the demands of […]