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Perspectives on Palau

Dream destinations look great from a distance, certainly aerial shots from aircraft or drones with tropical turquoise waters and deserted islands nestled within an atoll tick many boxes in a location scout’s list of desirables. Kayangel Atoll in the north of Palau is one such place and it does look spectacular. The first time I […]

8K Footage Now Available At NatureFootage

NatureFootage now offers 8K video, including access to master 8K files to clients, when requested. 8K offer 4 times the resolution of 4K and 16 times the resolution of HD. Our network of cinematographers have been shooting 8K with the most recent cameras including the RED Weapon 8k, RED EPIC-W 8K and DSLR still cameras. […]

Now Representing The Living Oceans Foundation

NatureFootage is now exclusively representing the stock footage collection of The Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, a non-profit environmental science organization that seeks to protect and restore the world’s oceans through research, education, and outreach. The Foundation is based in the United States and was established in 2000 by His Royal Highness Prince Khaled […]

At NatureFootage Every Day Is Earth Day!

Today the team at NatureFootage expresses gratitude to the 500+ NatureFootage contributors, for their hard work, devotion, and inspirational videos. These world class cinematographers devote their lives to capture the most spectacular wildlife on video, so that all of us can witness these unique moments, often only seen as a result of many hours, days, […]

ZatzWorks Aerial Ultra HD 4K 6K Footage

Amazing Alaska Aerials in 4K and 6K NatureFootage contributor ZatzWorks is now shooting RED 4K and 6K aerials throughout Alaska. ZatzWorks has developed the world’s only FAA and EASA approved Cineflex camera mount for the R66 helicopter. This highly efficient Cineflex rig, combined with 25 years of filming expertise in Alaska, creates an exceptional variety […]

Blue Whale Video

Imagine having the opportunity to film a Blue Whale, the largest animal ever known to have lived. The blue whale can reach almost 100 feet and is estimated to weigh over 90 tonnes. In this rare video view the blue whale feeding in a large school of krill. An adult blue whale can eat up […]

Killer Whale on the Hunt Aerial Video

This incredible aerial killer whale sequence includes rarely viewed attack and hunting sequences. The innocent seals are not prepared for the attack.NatureFootage has sourced a wide range of Killer Whale footage, offering the best quality 4K video and an incredible selection of unique Killer Whale behavior. From aerial to underwater footage, this rare Orca whale […]

Dolphin Video Following Boat

While fishing off the coast of Santa Cruz, CA these beautiful Pacific White Sided Dolphins playfully hitch a ride behind the fishing boat. Here you can see this incredible footage of dolphin on the tail of the boat! NatureFootage contributor Mark Peters Like the NatureFootage page to get regular video posts!

Sperm Whale Video Animal Vocalization

This is incredible footage of a pod of Sperm whales communicating! The sperm whale’s clicking vocalization, a form of echolocation and communication, can reach as load as 230 decibels underwater. Sperm whales are the largest toothed predator. The click sounds made by sperm whales have been suggested to be individualized rhythmic sequences that communicate the identity of a single whale […]