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OceanFootage Adds Collections from Award-Winner Al Giddings and More!

Celebrated New Collections Include Footage from Al Giddings, NHNZ, Sea Studios, Bob Glusic, Greg Huglin, David Hannan, and more Monterey, CA. August 23, 2005 — With the addition of over 200 hours of select footage from acclaimed cinematographers and production companies, the OceanFootage collection is as big as the deep blue sea. Superb new collections, […]

OceanFootage Makes a Splash with Exhibit Sales

Assorted High-Profile Footage Sales to Aquariums and Museums Worldwide make for a Successful Spring Monterey, CA. June 9, 2005 — OceanFootage has had a dynamic and successful Spring, achieving a number of high-profile footage sales to Exhibits — as well as to advertising campaigns for exhibits — worldwide. Exhibits are an important market for the […]

“Big Waves” Collection Rolls Into OceanFootage!

OceanFootage Adds Impressive New Collection from Noted Wave and Surf Cinematographer Monterey, CA. April 20, 2005 — Spectacular new footage has just surfed into OceanFootage, which announces an exciting new collection of “Big Waves” from acclaimed filmmaker Mike Prickett. Prickett, with over 20 years of experience to his credit, specializes in adrenaline-soaked footage of surfer, […]

“Close Encounters” at OceanFootage!

Unique and Exciting Collection Spotlights Ocean Encounters Between People and the Creatures of the Sea Monterey, CA. March 31, 2005 — The talented cinematographers who contribute to OceanFootage help create the world’s most comprehensive online source for ocean footage, in one easy and convenient location. These contributors have devoted their lives to the documentation of […]

“There She Blows!” OceanFootage Adds New Footage to a Whale of a Collection

“There She Blows!” OceanFootage Adds New Footage to a Whale of a Collection More Spectacular Moving Images of Whales From Acclaimed Ocean Cinematographers Now Available at OceanFootage Pacific Grove, CA. September 13, 2004 — As some of the most massive, mysterious and beautiful inhabitants of the deep, whales have been a continuing source of fascination […]

OceanFootage Adds Collection from Celebrated Filmmaker Howard Hall!

Pacific Grove, CA. June 4, 2004 — OceanFootage, the world’s largest and finest online collection of ocean stock footage, announces that it has added a prestigious new collection of superb footage from award-winning cinematographer Howard Hall. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer Howard Hall’s superb and beautiful footage to customers through OceanFootage,” comments OceanFootage […]

OceanFootage Adds Footage with Bite to Superb ‘Sharks’ Collection!

OceanFootage Offers Even More Exciting and Diverse Motion Images of Sharks from Across the Globe Pacific Grove, CA. May 3, 2004 — Sharks are some of the ocean’s most infamous, feared, and fascinating inhabitants — and a favorite subject for many divers and ocean cinematographers alike. Now even more of the world’s most exciting, dynamic […]

OceanFootage Offers New Approach to Online Representation!

Pacific Grove, CA. March 16, 2004 — As one of the stock footage industry’s most unique success stories, OceanFootage has seen more than a year of continuous growth with its online stock footage website. Key to this success has been OceanFootage’s unique new approach to online representation, a ‘partnership’ approach that is now attracting talented […]

OceanFootage Dives into Rare Footage of Giant Squid!

New High-Def Collection of Giant Humboldt Squid Now Available from Acclaimed Cinematographer Bob Cranston Pacific Grove, CA. January 26, 2004 — The giant Humboldt Squid is a legendary denizen of the deep — elusive, fierce, and beautiful — and notoriously difficult to film. Now OceanFootage (the world’s most extensive online collection of ocean footage) offers […]