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I have thirty years of stills experience behind me before venturing into film. I have several "firsts" stills. I achieved (before trail cameras) the first close up photograph of a pure Scottish Wildcat in the wild with an infra red beam. I also took the first photographs of a Scottish Wildcat with kittens at the den. Other photos or film by other people have been taken in captivity. The species now looks functionally extinct in the wild. I also showed there was a wild living Beaver population in Tayside, Scotland by achieving the first photographs obtained at night using flash.
Film has re-vitalised my interest and I have obtained a very long Brown Hare mating chase and Red Deer calves trying to get over seemingly insurmountable farm fences, plus many more to come.

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    waiting for tide to turn A Goldeneye family A Mallard duck rejoins with ducklings A Red Deer Herd grazing on farmland A Scottish Glen A cautious Red deer Hind and her calf Adult Field mouse feeding Adult Male Grey Wagtail Alarming Barking by Red Deer Hind Apodemus sylvaticus Arctic Tern Atlantic Puffin Colony Atlantic puffin Auks Baby Animal Bathing behaviour Billy Goats Black Guillemots Black-tailed Godwits Boxing Boxing Brown Hares Breeding behaviour Brown Hares Brown Rat Rattus norvegicus Cairngorms Calves Capra hircus Catkins in snow Cepphus grylle Cervus elaphus Chasing a predator Collared Dove Courtship Courtship chase Courtship display on harbour wall near occupied nest holes Diving behaviour Duck fending off male attention Ducks rafting Environment European Goldfinch Fallow Deer Doe Feeding behaviour Feeding in Hayfield Feeding in woodland Field Mouse Fledgling Flees Fratercula artica Geese suffering windy conditions Glaciation feature Goat Goat feeding up in a tree Goldeneye ducklings Goose Grey Wagtail Grey Wagtail Feeding Fledgling Grey Wagtail fledgling Group of Red deer grazing farmland in the summer Habitat shot Habitat view Hurt but still dominant stag Kid Wild Goats playing Long tailed ducks Long tailed ducks female Mating chase Messy feeding habits Mice feeding Mist Mistle Thrush Motacilla cinerea Orange tip Butterfly feeding on flower nectar Oryctolagus cuniculus Osprey Problem fence for young Red Deer calves to get over Rabbit Rafting ducks in choppy sea Red Deer calf Red Deer calves Red Deer during rut Red Deer herds during rutting season Red Deer hind portrait Red Deer mating Red Deer stag rounding up hinds Red deer Red deer behaviour Red deer calves learning to jump Red deer herd arboreal barrier cuteness fence food falling for ground feeders food for mice forest grouping for protection inexperience jump overcome problem protection
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