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NaturePicsFilms - Yvonne & Tilo Kühnast - specialize in high-quality underwater videos, photos and aerial footage.

In addition, we offer a range of marketing services for diving and travel companies as like image films, social media content and advertising calendar and campaign.

There is strength in tranquility … and there we find the best conditions for producing new and creative ideas. We - Yvonne & Tilo Kühnast - loves the calmness of the world under water - it is the perfect contrast to the hectic atmosphere above the surface. That's why we started in 2011 with taking the best moments of such tranquil and peaceful locations in video and photo footage, in the ocean and in the mountains as well. That is the reason why we can offer a wide range of footage full of nature, animals, wildlife and aerials, from the European Alps, over Scandinavia and Iceland, the Red Sea until the Caribbean.

A picture is worth 1000 words to inspire others to explore the world and to understand, why it is so important to protect our oceans and nature. 

Cause there is only ONE world with all these amazing life above and below the ocean surface! 

We use this way to show these beauty and to give others the possibility love this beautiful nature. 

Cause we all know: what a human loves - he will protect.

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