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With a distinguished career that has spanned over three decades to date, the celebrated cinematography of Al Giddings is legendary, and has received a host of prestigious international awards including four Emmys and the coveted Grierson International medal. Giddings’ collections now available at OceanFootage include stunning footage of scientific discoveries, shipwrecks, and visions of life in the deepest regions of the ocean depths. There's also a breathtaking variety of locations, species, situations, and ultimately an artful and unforgettable glimpse of some of the ocean’s most beautiful and mysterious inhabitants. This footage includes rare new animal species, life at the deep hydro-thermal vents below 8500 feet, and even a trip in a motorized shark cage – surrounded by legions of sharks. Among the jewels of this collection are Giddings’ spectacular footage from many of the world’s deep research submersibles in the ocean abyss. Haunting images include the decks of the Titanic shot from the famous Mir Russian submersibles, shipwrecks from Truk Lagoon, and many more.

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