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Alucia Productions is part of The Dalio Ocean Initiative a non-profit organization that conducts pioneering ocean exploration and scientific discovery and brings these to the world through inspirational and educational media. The goal is to evoke understanding, passion and stewardship of the world’s oceans. We are intent on making a measurable difference in the way people value and protect the oceans and marine life.The Dalio Ocean Initiative has created a state-of-the-art ocean research vessel which is on a voyage to explore the farthest reaches of the world’s oceans. We conduct manned expeditions into the ocean depths to reveal and document its wonders. The vessel is both a floating research institute and a world class media production studio.Missions integrate rigorous scientific exploration with visual storytelling. The products of our efforts are original scientific research and immersive, multiplatform media productions. We are telling compelling stories and creating powerful experiences through the wonder, beauty and drama of the oceans. We seek global reach and engagement with the widest possible audience, including children, policy-makers, educators and students, to inspire awe and love for the marine world.

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