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Anita and her husband Andre, are based in the Netherlands.
Their passion is nature and with special interest in remote areas and wildlife.
Photographing since childhood and since 2005 working as videographer, photographer and writer about the natural history.
Images and articles are found in magazines. Footage can be seen in various TV programs.

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Florida redbelly turtle Gemsbok Gnu Grant's gazel Grant's gazell Mwanza flat-headed rock agama Raindrops Raindrops in water Spanish moss Wood Zebras mist twirling rapids swamp white-bearded wildebeest (Equus quagga burchellii (Ovis canadensis Acinonyx jubatus Acinonyx jubatus raineyii Adélie Penguin Aepyceros melampus African Buffalo African Bush Elephant African Darter African Elephant African Fish eagle African Fish-Eagle African Jacana African Lion African wild dog Agama Agami Heron Alces alces Alpine Alps Amaurornis flavirostra Amazon kingfisher Ambay pumpwood American Bison American alligator Anhinga Anhinga rufa Antelope Antilocapra americana Anubis baboon Ape Apocrita Aptenodytes patagonicus Aquatic Plant Aquila chrysaetos Arctic Arctic Tern Ardea herodias Ardeotis kor Ardeotis kori Armeria maritima Atlantic Puffin Aurora Borealis Axis axis Baboon Baby Animal Balearica regulorum Base Camp Bateleur eagle Beach Beech marten Bengal tiger Bighorn sheep Bison Bison bison Black Crake Black Rhinoceros Black headed gull Black rhino Black tern Black vulture Black wildebeest Black-backed Jackal Black-bellied whistling duck Black-cheeked woodpecker Black-crowned Night-Heron Black-headed Gull Black-legged Kittiwake Black-mandibled toucan Blacksmith lapwing Blacksmith plover Blizzard Blue Wildebeest Boat Boat ride Branch Brindled gnu Broadleaf cattail Brown-Hooded Kingfisher Brown-hooded parrot Bubo lacteus Buffalo Bulbs Burchell's zebra autumn leaves
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