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Nature enthusiast / videographer currently based in Osaka, Japan. I film mostly animals; namely birds & insects. Everything is filmed as I find it, using only natural light, with absolutely no disruption to the subject or the environment. My aim is to capture the beauty of nature and promote awareness, appreciation and conservation of our natural world.

- Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
- Canon 300mm f4
- Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro
- Canon 24mm 2.8

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    Acrididae Arcte coerula Asian bush cricket (Shirakisotima japonica) Asian spinybacked orbweaver Asian swallowtail butterfly caterpillar Barn Swallows Bee-mimic robber fly Beetle Beetles Bird Black beetle Black kite Black-Faced Bunting Blue Admiral Butterfly Blue and white flycatcher Blue rock thrush Brown dipper Bug Bull-headed shrike Bush Cricket Cat Cherry blossom Cicada Cicada Nymph Common Kingfisher Common redshank Cormorant Corvus marinus Damselfly Dark-winged Damselfly Daurian redstart Domestic cat Dragonfly Dragonfly (Orthetrum Melania - female) Drone beetle Drone beetles (Pseudotorynorrhina japonica) Eastern grey kangaroo Eastern water dragon Egret Egrets Eurasian Jay Fish Freshwater crab Gampsocleis buergeri Giant robber fly Golden orb-weaver Grasshopper Great Egret Grey heron Grey wagtail Grey-capped greenfinch Grey-faced buzzard Higurashi cicada Hiji Waterfall Hirundo rustica gutturalis Indian fritillary butterfly Indo-Pacific Sergeant Insect Insects Japanese Four-Lined Rat Snake Japanese Giant Salamander Japanese Green Pheasant Japanese Katydid Japanese Mnais damselfly (Mnais pruinosa) Japanese Raccoon Japanese Red Fox Japanese Silk Moth Japanese Sparrowhawk Japanese jewel beetles Japanese lizard Japanese pond turtle Japanese pygmy woodpecker Japanese rat snake Japanese reed bunting Japanese rhinoceros beetle Japanese tiger beetle (Cicindela chinensis japonica) Japanese tit Japanese white-eye Japanese-white-eye Jewel beetle Jumping Spider Katydid Large Brown Cicada - Aburazemi (Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata) Large brown cicada (Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata) Large-Billed Crow Lesser sand plover Little egret Lizard Long-Billed Plover Long-horned Grasshopper Long-legged fly Long-tailed tit Min-min cicada Moon Narcissus flycatcher ant ants butterfly caterpillar goshawk
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