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Started a s a wildlife and submarine photographer, switching later to video, both on land and sea. Moved to Australia in 2010. Dosens of videos, documentaries, DVDs, footage, microprograms on Wildlife, Travel, Adventure. Now doing 4K Time Lapse and 4K Video.

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then two more Joy in mother's pouch Mother and Juvenile Rainbow a third arrives all four graze another adult comes and puts a straw nearby arranging bow and area around arranging jewels arrive consecutively other three back lighted backlighted bird (Willie Wagtail) on it bird follows him and jumps on bird jumping around (Willie Wagtail) bird on it breeding plumage bringing twigs and straws captures and other two come to steal close close (SE QLD) crosses another individual dives enters the pouch feeding feeding chick on nest on hole in a Gumtree female arrives flee focus on one four of them going to sleep the day graze hops away in the end he flees and she too in the end he flees and she too (Darling Downs QLS) joy in pouch late afternoon leaves hopping in slowmo male displays and when tries to mate she flees male initiate display even showing pennis mother and joy mother with joy on the alert neck display no females visible around one in frame one male in frame one on nest two others oreening one parent flees whe the other arrives to feed the chicks one walks away resting side stands alert steals some fibers from the bow area and is kicked away swimming the first jumps away and lands grazing the he grazes and bird continues juggling around them the latter go to graze too then hops down the grassland to reach a scrub near a water hole and enters it. two grazing two grazing. two standing on alert two of them jump away wide zoom 029/866 Australia 256/866 Australia List 275/866 Australia List 323/866 Australia List 433/866 Australia List 710/866 Australia List A second arrives Aboriginal Agile Wallaby Agouti Agriculture Albert's Lyrebird Anaconda Anthropology Apostlebird Aquaculture Aracari Arch Art Asian Koel Australasian Darter Australasian Figbird Australasian Grebe Australia a juvenile arrives a second male arrives alert alert and leaves arranges stuff and displays arranging bow zoom in/out arranging jewels in front of the bow arranging jewels in front of the bower arranging the bow backwards arrives and moves a bottle cap out of the way arrives to reorder a blue cap putting in another place arrives with a plant jewell and flips a blue feather