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Gary W. Griffen owns Griffen Productions and has produced four award-winning TV specials for the Discovery Channel on white-tailed deer. He has also won international and national awards for his films on elk, moose, wild turkeys and ring-necked pheasants. Based in Milan, NY, he has specialized in filming wildlife in North America for more than 30 years.
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"Lip Curling" (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) (Ursus Americanus) (white tail Acorns In Autumn Acorns on oak limb Adirondack Mountains Adirondack Mountains In Autumn Aerial Aerial Autumn Woods fields Aerial Hudson River Valley Aerial Hudson Valley Farms Aerial small city along Hudson River (autumn) Alfalfa Field American Buffalo American Robin Antlers Emerging Antlers Growing Antlers In Velvet Automobile Autumn Catskill Mountains waterfall Autumn River Autumn Waterfall Baby Birds Bachelor Group Backlight Bald eagle drinking at lake Bald Eagle Bald Eagle feeding eaglet Bald Eagle sitting on nest Bald Eagles Bald eagle feeding young on nest Bald eagle feeding young on nest in white pine tree Bald eagle perched in white pine tree Bee Balm Berkshire Mountains Bighorn sheep Bignorn sheep Bird Feeder Bird Feeding Young Bird Feeing Young Bird Nest Bird Of Prey Bird of Prey Bison Herd Crossing River Black Bear Black Bear walks across field Black Color Phase (Canis Lupus) Feeding On Elk (Cervus Elaphus) Carcass Along River Black bear walks Black-Billed Magpie Black-Billed Magpie Feeding On Rocky Mountain Elk Carcass In Winter Blue Jay Blue Jay (snowing) Blue Jay perched on white pine branch Bluebird perched on bird house Bridge Brown-Headed Cowbird Buck (velvet covered antlers) Buck Alert In Autumn Buck And Does Run Slow Motion Buck Bedded On Fall Ridge Buck Bedded On Snow Buck Close Up Legs Walking In Fall Leaves Buck Close Up Legs Walking in Deep Snow Buck Feeding In Cornfield Buck Gives Alarm Signal Buck Hiding Buck Listening For Danger Buck Listens For Danger Buck Mates With Doe Buck Mating With Doe Buck Performs Flehmen Buck Performs Lip Curl Buck Runs Slow Motion Buck Smelling For Danger Buck Standing In Cornfield Buck With Short Spike Antlers Alert Buck alert in brushy woods Buck and Doe running Buck chasing does Buck courting doe Buck in rut chases buck Buck on the prowl Buck pursuing does Buck with large antlers in velvet Bucks Alert At Sunset Bucks Alert Sunset Bull Elk With Antlers In Velvet Bull Elk Bedded In Pine Forest Chewing Cud Bull Elk Bedded On Snow Bull Elk Browsing On Sagebrush Bull Elk bedded on hill in winter alert autumn autumn colors baby baby bird bedded buck buck bedded on ridge