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Hardy Jones, of Hardy Jones/Julia Whitty Productions, began his career as a journalist, working for UPI and CBS News, before becoming an independent filmmaker. Hardy has produced 67 television films on wildlife, natural history, animal intelligence and the environment. He is a specialist in dolphins and whales and has studied and filmed a group of spotted dolphins in the Bahamas since 1978. Hardy is the co-founder, along with actor Ted Danson, of a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about threats facing the world's oceans with a particular emphasis on marine mammals. He also serves on the board of governors of Oceana, an ocean advocacy group.

Julia Whitty, of Hardy Jones/Julia Whitty Productions, was trained as a biologist and ornithologist and began making films in partnership with Hardy Jones in 1980. In addition to writing scripts for films made by HJ-JWP, she has written numerous free lance scripts and is a published author of fiction in magazines such as Harper's. She recently received a Golden Apple for her writing to add to numerous other film awards.

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