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Liquid Jungle Productions formed from a partnership between two underwater camera operators, Valentina Cucchiara and Nick Poole. Sharing a passion for diving and filming we have been working together for over 10 years and our work is the product of our shared desire to explore and document the underwater world.

Having the Red Sea on our doorstep during this time has enabled us to get the training and experience to dive and film to depths exceeding 100m.

We are now located in the Mexican Riviera Maya, and founded Liquid Jungle Media de la Riviera SA de CV, which also offers 360 photography and Virtual Tours. The amazing cenotes and incredibly decorated caves, plus the never ending diving opportunities Mexico offers has brought new inspiration to our work.

High Definition is now the benchmark for cameramen and filmmakers. As camera technology has advanced, so too has our collection of underwater camera equipment. Filming with Broadcast quality High Definition cameras, coupled with our technical dive training, gives us the versatility to dive and film in any location around the world.

Liquid Jungle Productions provides freelance underwater camera operators for production companies, filmmakers, advertising and exploration.

Liquid Jungle Productions: Bringing vision to the underwater world.

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