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Diving and filming for 20 years, spending the last 10 living and working as an underwater cameraman and media producer in Palau, Micronesia. Drone Pilot and Time-lapse/ motion control photographer.
Local knowledge of migrations, aggregations and animal behavior in a wide variety of environments. Endemics, Unique environments, Palau National Marine Sanctuary.

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Palau "Iro" 70 islands Abyss Aggregation Aircraft engine Anchor Anemone Angelfish Animal Entanglement Animal Trap Annelid Anoxic Antennarius pictus Anthias Aquaculture of rare species Ascending Atherinomorus lacunosus Atherinomorus sp. Attracting Mate Aurelia aurita Baitball Banded Sea Snake Barnes' Silverside Barracuda Batfish Bay Beach Behavior Behaviour Benthic Big Eye Crescent tail Big Eye Jacks Big Eye Scad Big Eye Trevally Big Fish Big nose Unicornfish Big-Eye Jack Big-Eye Trevally Big-eye Jacks Bigeye Barracuda Bignose Unicornfish Biodiversity Bioluminescence Bite Bite Marks Black Tip Reef Shark Black snapper Blackfin Barracuda Blue Corner Blue Holes Blue Streak Fusiliers Blue Trevally Blue Velvet Nudibranch Boat Bolbometopon muricatum Bonito Bothus mancus Bottlenose Dolphin Bottlenosed Dolphin Bow Riding Brass striped Barracuda Breach Breaching Breathing Breathiong Breatholding Breeding Broadclub Cuttlefish Bubbles Bumphead Parrotfish Burrow Butterflyfish Caesionidae Camouflage Cancer Caranx Caranx ignobilis Caranx sexfasciatus Caranx sp. Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos Carcharhinus amblyrynchos Catch Cave Cephalopod Cephalopod Behavior Cephalopod Behaviour Chambered Nautilus Chase Cheilinus undulatus Clarity Cleaner Shrimp. Cleaning Cleaning Station Cleaning. Clouds Cold Upwelling Cold Water Upwelling algae atoll