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Originally from London but now based in Andalucia,Spain. Until recently I was primarily a stills wildlife photographer, but with the introduction of the HD DSLR from Canon I have started to reshoot some of the subjects I have photographed in the past. I was a crew member on the the Yacht Group 4 which competed in the 1992/3 British Steel Challenge around the world yacht race, so I am used to working and photographing in extreme cold and difficult conditions as the southern ocean can easily be described at times as hell on earth.

Commencing in the spring of 2011 I started shooting material for a wildlife documentary about the wildlife of Andalucia. This includes filming rarely seen footage of breeding and nesting Griffon Vultures, as well as pair of Bonelli's Eagles raising their chick (s) The documentary will also include rare footage of wild and critically endangered Iberian Lynx ( Lynx pardel) I maintain a high level of fitness and love the challenge of my work. I spent a total of 3 years in Chiles Torres del Paine NP , where I went in search of elusive Patagonian Pumas and the very rare Southern Andean Huemul ( hippocamelus bisulcus ) an endangered mid sized deer species only found in Chile and Argentina. I am planning to return to Patagonia when the current project is completed to start work on another documentary about Torres del Paine. At the end of 2014 I will be approaching production companies and the likes of the Nat Geo / Discovery / to try to enter into a co production deal to fund the film, all inquiries about this project or any questions about the one currently under way here in Spain are welcome

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