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Sigurd Tesche, a native of Germany grew up in Solingen, a town famous for it’s Henckels knives.

Sigurd Tesche is considered one of the most renowned documentary film producers in Europe, specialized in underwater films and has produced more than 800 TV productions including several documentary series, most recently one for children. In his almost 40 year career in the documentary business he has found that his professional inclination is the realization of animal and scientific documentaries, focused on deep-sea ecology. Sigurd belongs to a small group of privileged divers who have been able to dive in a submarine to depths of 6000 meters.
Over the years, Sigurd has been awarded with many national and international awards, one award very dear to his heart, the cultural award of the city of Solingen that is only awarded to one person every year, someone who has enriched the culture and the knowledge of the very historic town Solingen with his or her work.

After graduating from High School in Germany, Sigurd studied art and design for 3 years with Prof. Artur Wasserloos. Afterwards he continued his education with an internship with the famous journalist Leo Bermel. In the mid 1960’s he graduated with a masters diploma in photography with honors and founded his documentary business, the Tesche Documentary Film Production in 1967.

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