Grey Reef Sharks Hunting On A Coral Reef Drop Off.

21 sec

Grey Reef Sharks Hunting On A Coral Reef Drop Off.

Grey Reef Sharks Hunting On A Coral Reef Drop Off.
The Shot: Exits Frame Low Angle Pan Reveal Track Travel Wide Shot
Subject: Group-Large Group-Small Animal Fish Juvenile Pair Single Social Animals Individual Hunting Broad Round Snout Graceful Whaler Shark New Life Caudal Fin Social Aggregation Sport Fish Tropical Waters Streamlined Tail Fin Dusky Jack Large Eyes Eco-System Dorsal Fin Aggressive Demeanor Group Hunting Drop Offs Coulirou MāOri Wrasse Grey Whaler Shark Fowler's Whaler Shark Abundant Species Chicharro Large Schools Longnose Blacktail Shark Large Slow Moving Schools Charrito OjóN Enviroment Habitat Commercially Fished Subtropical Waters Pectoral Fins Threat Display Agile Predators Purse-Eye Scad Anal Fin Shortnose Blacktail Shark Black-Vee Whaler Nocturnal Marine Life Tropical Fish Bronze Whaler Tail Environmental Impact Grey Shark Game Fish animal Pal Juvenile life 16 16:9 Graceful Shark School Shark Carcharhinidae Requiem Shark Indo-Pacific Gills Fish Hdv 1080i50 Akule 16:9' Widescreen Schooling Fish HDV Grey Reef Shark Amblyrhinchos C. Menisorrah Amblyrhynchus Selar Crumenophthalmus Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos Carangidae Caranx Sexfasciatus Magenta Spot Stripe Irregular Symmetrical Asymmetrical Color Change Uniform Black Orange Blue Pink Brown Purple Red Green Silver Grey White Yellow Camouflage Texture Colorful
Action: searching Exciting Together Team Work Rare Large Numbers Prey Sport Divers Fast Moving Incredible The Best Muscle Big Group Tourist Diving Group Behaviour Showing Off Unique eating Top Security diving Performing Scuba Diver Action Gliding Beautiful Mass Awesome Schooling feeding Food Dramatic flying Fighting display feed flee groom hide hunt parent rest travel
Environment: Day Summer Marine Sanctuary Tropical Underwater Coral Reef Sand Micronesia Blue Corner Palau Oceania South Pacific Ocean Palau

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