Clerodendrum Stock Video Footage


The following description is based on the one by Yuan et alii (2010) and applies to only the monophyletic circumscription of Clerodendrum. Clerodendrum is a genus of small trees, shrubs, lianas, and subherbaceous perennials. Leaves decussate or whorled, never spiny as in some close relatives. Inflorescence usually terminal. Sepals usually connate, often colored, usually accrescent. Corolla red to yellow, pink, or white. Corolla tube 5-lobed, the lobes usually unequal. Stamens 4 (rarely 5), usually in 2 pairs of unequal length and projecting well beyond the mouth of the corolla. Ovary incompletely 4-locular. Ovules 4. Style terminal on the ovary, bifid. Fruit a drupe, usually with 4 grooves or lobes, 4-seeded (rarely 2-seeded by abortion).

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