Crassulaceae Stock Video Footage


The Crassulaceae, also known as the stonecrop family or the orpine family, are a family of dicotyledons with succulent leaves. They are generally herbaceous but there are some subshrubs, and relatively few treelike or aquatic plants. They are found worldwide, but mostly occur in the Northern Hemisphere and southern Africa, typically in dry and/or cold areas where water may be scarce. The family includes approximately 1400 species and 34 or 35 genera, although the number of genera is disputed and depends strongly on the circumscription of Sedum. No member of this family is an important crop plant, but many are popular for horticulture many members have a bizarre, intriguing appearance, and are quite hardy, typically needing only minimal care. Familiar species include the jade plant or "friendship tree", Crassula ovata, and "florists' kalanchoe", Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.

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