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Amazonian Manatee Video Stock Footage

Amazonian manatees are large, cylindrically shaped mammals, with forelimbs modified into flippers, no free hind-limbs, and the rear of the body in the form of a flat, rounded, horizontal paddle. The flexible flippers are used for aiding motion over the bottom, scratching, touching and even embracing other manatees, and moving food into and cleaning the mouth. The manatee's upper lip is modified into a large bristly surface, which is deeply divided. It can move each side of the lips independently while feeding. The general coloration is grey, and most Amazonian manatees have a distinct white or bright pink patch on the breast. The manatee does not have incisors or canine teeth, only cheek teeth (molars). Molars designed to crush vegetation form continuously at the back of the jaw and move forward as older ones wear down. The older ones eventually fall out, while new ones come in at the rear of the jaw to replace them. Learn more about Amazonian Manatee

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Animalia: Chordata: Sirenia: Mammalia: Trichechidae: Trichechus inunguis

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