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Band-Tailed Pigeon Video Stock Footage

It is the biggest pigeon in North America, measuring 33 to 40 cm (13 to 16 in) long and weighing 225–515 g (7.9–18.2 oz). The coastal subspecies P. f. monilis (averaging 392 g (13.8 oz)) is larger than the inland subspecies (averaging 340 g (12 oz)). The plumage is gray, somewhat darker above. The head and underparts have a faint pink cast, especially in the adult male the belly is nearly white. The distal half of the tail is also pale (except in the subspecies of Baja California), whence the English name. The bill and feet are yellow, good identification marks at sufficiently close range. Adults have green iridescence on the back of the neck, adjacent to a thin white collar on the nape. Juvenile birds have white feather edges above, giving a scaly appearance. It ranges from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, and southern Arizona south in higher elevations through Mexico and Central America to northern Argentina. In autumn it migrates out of its permanent resident range into northern California, New Mexico, and parts of Utah and Colorado. It is found from almost sea level to 3,600 m (12,000 ft), generally in oak, pine-oak, and coniferous forests. It feeds on seeds, notably acorns, as well as berries and small fruits.

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Animalia: Chordata: Columbiformes: Aves: Columbidae: Patagioenas fasciata

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