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Black-Capped Flycatcher Video Stock Footage

This species is found in the high canopy of mountain oak forest, coming lower at the edges and in clearings, and also in second growth and bushy pastures. It breeds mainly in the highest forested areas, from 2450 m to 3300 (even 4000) m altitude, but will descend to as low as 1850 m in the height of the rainy season. The cup nest is made of grass and mosses and lined with plant fibre it hangs from grass at the top of an earth bank, or is placed 2–12 m high in a vertical tree fork. The typical clutch is two unmarked cream or white eggs. Incubation by the female is 14–15 days to hatching, with another 17 days to fledging. Learn more about Black-Capped Flycatcher

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Animalia: Chordata: Passeriformes: Aves: Tyrannidae: Empidonax atriceps

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