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Blue Sea Star Video Stock Footage

Some species of other reef inhabitants prey on this species of sea star. Various pufferfishes, Charonia species (triton shells), harlequin shrimp, and even some sea anemones have been observed to eat whole or parts of the sea stars. The Blue Linckia is also prone to parasitization by a species of the parasitic gastropod Thyca crystallina. Commensal associations sometimes play part on this echinoderm's life animals such as Periclimenes shrimp are sometimes found commensally on the oral or aboral surface of the animal, picking up mucus and detritus. This sea star is fairly popular with marine aquarium hobbyists, where it requires a proper, slow acclimatization before entering the tank system, and an adequate food source similar to that found in its natural habitat. Generally thought of as a detritivore, many sources maintain that this species will indefinitely graze throughout the aquarium for organic films or sedentary, low-growing organisms such as sponges and algae. In the marine aquarium hobby, they have been seen to consume Asterina Starfish, which are commonly introduced into such aquaria on the ubiquitous "live rock" used in such settings. Depending on how abundant the food source is, as well as such factors as the conditions of shipping, acclimatization, and water quality, this species has been kept in captivity with variable success. This species has yet to be bred in captivity for sustainable harvest.

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Animalia: Echinodermata: Valvatida: Asteroidea: Ophidiasteridae: Linckia laevigata

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