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Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid Video Stock Footage

The western marsh orchid is usually 15 to 40 cm (6 to 15.5 in) tall, though some specimens may reach 60 cm (2.0 ft). Three to eight dark spotted leaves are distributed on the stem, which is hollow. The lower leaves are ovate to lanceolate and 6 to 18 cm (2.5 to 7 in) long and 1.5 to 3.5 cm (⅝ to 1⅜ in) wide. The upper leaves are increasingly smaller and more lanceolate. The bracts are about as long as the blossom and cover it before it blooms. The densely flowered inflorescence, which is 4 to 15 cm (1.5 to 6 in) long, is at first conical, but distinctly cylindrical when in full blossom. The seven to forty blossoms are colored purplish red, rarely light pink or white. The lateral tepals of the external circle of the perianth stand obliquely or vertically upright. They are 7 to 12 mm (¼ to ½ in) long and 2.5 to 5 mm (⅛ to 3⁄16 in) wide. The middle tepal is smaller and forms a "helmet" together with the two lateral tepals of the internal circle. These are 6 to 11 mm (¼ to 7⁄16 in) long. The trilobate lip is 5 to 10 mm (3⁄16 to ⅜ in) long and 7 to 14 mm (¼ to 9⁄16 in) wide. The shape and pattern of the lips are variable. In the lighter central area of the lip the markings are made up of lines, streaks, or dots. The spur is bent slightly downwards and is not quite as long as the ovary. The tuber has a palmate division and an irregular shape. The western marsh orchid has a karyotype of two sets of forty chromo...Learn more about Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid

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Plantae: Tracheophyta: Asparagales: Magnoliopsida: Orchidaceae: Dactylorhiza majalis

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