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Brown Water Snake Video Stock Footage

The brown water snake is very heavy-bodied, and its neck is distinctly narrower than its head. Dorsally, it is brown or rusty brown with a row of about 25 black or dark brown, square blotches down its back. Smaller similar blotches alternate on the sides. Ventrally, it is yellow, heavily marked with black or dark brown. Dorsal scales are in 27-33 rows (more than any other North American water snake), and it has two to four anterior temporals (usually one in others). Adults measure 30-60 in. (76–152 cm) in total length record 69 in. (175 cm). Lycodonomorphus rufulus is sometimes also called the brown water snake, but L. rufulus is found in South Africa. Learn more about Brown Water Snake

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Animalia: Chordata: Squamata: Reptilia: Colubridae: Nerodia taxispilota

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