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Cherubfish Video Stock Footage

When kept in an aquarium, cherubfish are distributed throughout the tank. They prefer reef tanks to fish only tanks. But like other angel fish, they are not completely 100% reef-safe. Results vary among individual fish and tank qualities (size, feeding, tankmates, etc.), so caution is recommended when adding this fish to a coral tank. The Cherubfish or Pygmy Angelfish Centropyge argi are beautiful little fish. This wonderful dwarf angel has all the good looks of its larger cousins, making a great substitution for a large angelfish for those who don't have 200 gallons of tank space. With a deep blue body, yellow or orangish face, and blue rings around its eyes, the colors of the Cherub Angelfish are rich and vibrant similar to the Asfur, Maculosus, and even Bluegirdled Angelfish. You can get the same color combo in a "fun size" for your smaller tank. Cherub Pygmy Angelfish are intelligent, active, and hardy as well. Look for a specimen that will take an aggressive stance, such as a raise dorsal fin, and pay rapt attention as you approach the tank. If it does dart into a cave, it should come right back out to size you up promptly. Their color should be rich, not faded, and they should be very interested in their surroundings and very difficult to catch. Learn more about Cherubfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Pomacanthidae: Centropyge argi

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