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Chevron Butterflyfish Video Stock Footage

Adults have an elongate white body with narrow chevron markings and may be up to 18 cm (7 in) in length. Juveniles have a mostly yellow tail and a broad black band extending from the rear of the dorsal fin to the rear of the anal fin. The tail pattern and the coloring of the posterior part of body changes dramatically with growth, with the tail entirely black with a thin yellow outline and the hind part of the body not differing in color from the areas further forward in adults. Chaetodon trifascialis is a territorial species which occurs in semi-protected seaward and shallow lagoon reefs, closely associated with tabular and staghorn (Acropora) corals, the polyps and mucus of which they eat. They occur at depths ranging from 2–30 m. Adults are either seen to swim alone or (particularly in the breeding season) in pairs, while juveniles are secretive among coral branches. They are oviparous. Learn more about Chevron Butterflyfish

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Animalia: Chordata: Perciformes: Actinopterygii: Chaetodontidae: Chaetodon trifascialis

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