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Chilean Flamingo Video Stock Footage

The plumage is pinker than the slightly larger greater flamingo, but less so than Caribbean flamingo. It can be differentiated from these species by its greyish legs with pink joints (tibiotarsal articulation), and also by the larger amount of black on the bill (more than half). Young chicks may have no sign of pink coloring whatsoever, but instead remain grey. It breeds in South America from Ecuador and Peru to Chile and Argentina and east to Brazil it has been introduced into Germany and the Netherlands (colony on the border, Zwillbrocker Venn). Also, a small population occurs in Utah and California. Like all flamingos, it lays a single chalky-white egg on a mud mound. Learn more about Chilean Flamingo

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Animalia: Chordata: Phoenicopteriformes: Aves: Phoenicopteridae: Phoenicopterus chilensis

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